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Assalammualaikum & hello semua. Hope everyone is doing fine. Remember that I've mention before somewhere in this blog that I wanted to do a slightly changes for this blog, yea so today here it goes.

Saya dah 'torture' readers saya dengan post yang panjang lebar merepek-repek dulu, jadi sekarang saya nak 'torture' readers saya dengan mendengar bebelan saya yang panjang pulak hehehe.

Anyway, first of all I would like to apologize for making such video without the right equipment with me. I only using my phone for this recording with such a bad sound effect where you can clearly hear the sound of the music and fan behind me. My voice wasn't that clear because I wasn't feeling very well and I am rambling too much. I do not have any experience doing such thing and this will be my first. I hope that you'll enjoy this video and thank you for watching.

Sebabkan saya dah bebel selama 13min dekat video diatas, saya tak nak bebel panjang-panjang dengan tulisan saya lagi. Mungkin next time saya akan comes out with proper tools untuk video recording dan harap ia tak akan jadi seteruk ini.

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